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Harry HoudiniBy Lindsay Guadarrama

Who was Harry Houdini?Harry Houdini was a jewish immigrant who escaped from poverty. He started performing at the age of 9 as a trapeze artist by the name of Ehrich Weiss. He later became one ofthe most famous an expert in escapology.

Harry Houdini was a significant entertainer in the 1920's because of his supenseful preformances. Harry Houdini preformed intense magic tricks which no one had ever done. The Chinese Water Torture Cell was Houdini's most famous trick. He was held upside-down and lowered into a glass and steel tank filled with water, where he then tried to escape it. Another trick Harry Houdini was famous for escaping police restraints after jumping into rivers while handcuffed. He challenged police officers and always escaped from their forces and prison cells. During the 1920's he was an influential person in the process of eliminating spiritualists. Harry Houdini believed those could communicate with the deceased were frauds.He was a judge on Scientific American contest where $5,000 are offered for a spirit manifestation that is produced under scientific conditions and with a reliable picture. Harry Houdini changed the entertainment world with death-defying stunts.

What was Houdini's most famous act?Houdini's 2 most famous acts were the Chinese Water Torture Cell and Metamorphosis. The Metamorphosis was an act in which he and his wife traded places in a locked trunk.

What is Spiritualism? How did Harry Houdini help eliminate the religion?Spiritualism: The belief that anyone had the ability to communticate with the dead.Magicians along with scientist were anti-spiritualism. They believed they used illusions and were not really talking with the dead. Houdini was a judge in a contest for mediums to show that they could communticate with the dead. In the 1920's, spiritualism was a popular religion it brought closure to those who lost loved ones in World War I



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