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Life Science

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Woodland BiomeByKaeden

This is a picture of a woodland biome

The woodland wolf eats antelope and deer their habitat is dug under ground they drink from rivers in the woodland

The woodlands is like a savanna but instead the woodland biome has trees sometimes there can be hills animals,rivers,and plants

This is a fox it eats rabbits squrriels.They dig borrows and they get there water by rivers streams and sometimes diging


in the summer months the temps are up to 70-100 fahrenheit in the winter is up to 40-65 fahrenheit.The humity in the afternoon is 60-70%.Snowfall is very rare in the woodlands

these flowers are called corydalis and they are blue yellow and green the are not ate by animals and they dont adaptat

This is the cork oak there leaves turn red in fall but green in summer there bark is ate by woodpeakers and dont adapt


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