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Ancient Egypt

Role of Pharoah: regarded as the ruler of Egypt. their main role was rule over the country, and during some of its history parts of its empire.

Technology: Some technology of ancient Egypt is pyramids, monuments, large buildings, irrigation, canals, obelisks, pillars, ship building, and navigation.

Egyptian women: They were equal to men under the law, so they could own land, manage their own property and represent themselves in court cases.

Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt:Old - 2700 BCE-2200 BCEMiddle - 2100 BCE-1800 BCENew - 1500 BCE-1000 BCE

Important People:AkhenatenAmenhotep IIIHatshepsutRamses II

Success: One of the oldest and most successful ancient societies.Failure: Kindom crumbled when it was eventually conquered by the romans



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