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Glazer Children's MuseumBy Taquila Mallary

Why did the organization start? The Glazer Children's Museum was founded in 1985 by a group of mothers who wanted a more educational environment for the local children their community. It was a privately funded organization that appeared in a small storefrontlocation in Tampa Bay. In 1989 the museum moved to Kid City (near Lowry Park Zoo) where they were able to serve over 750,000 people. In 2003 there was 22 million dollar capital campaign that built hte current building where the Glazer Children's Museum is currently located. Glazer Children's Museum Mission statement:The mission of Glazer Children’s Museum is to create learning environments where children play, discover and connect to the world around them to develop as lifelong learners and leaders.*Be sure to check out my powerpoint of the personal images that I took as well as a few of the units the museum has to offer*

Observation of learning/student engagementThe lesson that I observed covered the different types of energy and electricity. The session lasted about 35 minutes and really grasped the students'attention. It was filled with visual effects, student volunteers and intriguing observation activities. The two themes that I noticed were: kids learn from adults and also kids learn from their peers. Victoria (the instructor) used guided instruction to perfection. I would love to get to that point as a future teacher. Being able to teach and guide and engage students in a school environment can be difficult, doing so outside of the classroom, I assumed, would be practically impossible. Observing this lesson was enlightening and well needed. It made me realize that things kids consider to be fun can be brought into the classroom and if done properly, make a profound impact on the students learning perspectives.

Common themes across interviews:During both interviews, I noticed two common themes: kids teach themselves and kids teach their peers. Through exploration and trial and error, children are able to learn and teach with little to no assistance from adults.Different perspectives of the museum:When interviewing staff about the museum, they saw the facility as an educational environment. When discussing the museum with a child, she described it as "a inside playground." The two perspectives of the purpose of the museum was the largest disagreement between the two interviews. List of themes: - Kids teach themselves- Kids teach kids- Adults teach kids- Kids can learn outside of the classroom

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