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Language Arts

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Princess DragonBlood

Princess DragonBlood is one of the characters in the story. She is a little baby girls who has the abilites to know if other people have done. She is so strong she ripped two gold stones out of her dad's sword. She is different because she wasnt made by her parents she was made by a which.

Half-Human By: Bruce Coville

Water's Edge

Laura is half human half seal. Laura can live under water and on shore. She mainly is under sea and thats where she lives. She acts like a normal girl and has the face of a human girl but has the body of a seal.

By: Sarah McCormick

Comparing:Princess DragonBlood and Laura are not that different. They are both half human mixed with something. They abnormal girls. Laura and Princess DragonBlood have a lot in common and they both live on land.

Contrasting: Laura lives under water and on shore and Princess DragonBlood lives only on shore. Princess DragonBlood has the power to know what other people did and Laura does not. Laura just has the abilities to live on and off land. Laura is half human and half seal and Princess DragonBlood is a normal girl with super strength.



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