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Earth Sciences

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Spill in The Gulf of Mexico

The water was most affected from this tragedy. The water after the oil spill was horrific. The water was contaminated very badly. The water was simply not useable, the water was so dirty from the oil to pollution. The oil killed all wildlife under the water and was awful to the people of the coast. It destroyed many habitats underwater. It was truly devastating.

Over 4,500 animals died during the oil spill. Many animals died of the pollution of the oil. The oil glued some of the bird together. The animals were tortured and some took days to die and they suffered. The animals were the ones who suffered because there water was contaminated, and to polluted to live in.

The Geosphere was affected by the oil spill in a few ways. When the pipe bursted, all the oil spewed everywhere and even into the earths crust, and mantle. The oil is just creating more pollution underwater and for the atmosphere in general when the oil evaporates the pollution. The geosphere structure was cracked when the oil spill occured

The oil spill produced this organic aerosol that evaporates into the atmosphere that comes from oil. It is a type of air pollution. The oil spill created an ozone layer over the water. A large cities pollution was equivalent to what the oil spill produced.

By: Noah Lundgren and Owen Engel






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