New France

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Social Studies

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New France

This is the New France flag (coat of arms)made to resemble the independince of the Eroupean peoples.

This is a picture of our fur trade with the first nations. We traded metal weapons and guns for fur to bring back to Europe, to sell to make TONS OF MONEY!

This glog is about New France and it's history, how it got colonized by Samuel De Champlian and how New France fell into British HANDS!

New France and The First Nations (in perspective of European explorers)

The Huron tribe had guns because, Samuel De Champlain. That helped the Huron to defeat the Iroquois.

This is a cedar tree, this is used to make tea to prevent scurvy. This was taught to the European explorers by the first nations.

Hello, I'm Samuel De Champlain! I have assisted in making the first French settlement in New France! Bahahaha! I did a lot of thing in my life time like teaming up with the Huron and other native tribes to defeat the Iroquois.



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