New France

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Social Studies
American History

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New France

New France-A Colony of Challenges!

Amazing Artifact-The Aboiteau!

Heroine Madelaine Vercheres-The Chuck Norris of New France!

Native Allies-The Huron

I'm the best friend New France EVER had!!

Guerrilla Warfare-AMBUSH!

The role of the religion in NewFrance: Education/ Missionary work/hospitals

Missionary Music

Weapon Of Terror-The Tomahawk!

Jesuits-Bringing Christianity to the Natives

Nuns educating Habitant children

"House of God"-Caring for the sick in New France

Eternal Enemy of New France-The Iroquois!

Reclaiming the salt marshes in Acadia-Cross section of Aboiteaux

Seminaries-Schools for Priests