New England

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New England

The land uses in the New England colonies are crafts and shops, iron making, ship buliding, fur trapping, fishing, whaling, mixed farming, and forestry. Some things we make are wooden futniture and blankets.


The religons practiced in our colonies are Christians, Catholics, Anglicans, Protestant, and Puritains. New England was the principal of religous liberty.In the early 1730s , a religous moment began which became known as the First Great Awakening.


The climate of our region is long winters and short summers.

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New England

Land Use & Natural Resources


The colonies want freedom of are relgion. The Purtions established Harvard Collage 6 years after they arrived. King Philip had one of the bloodiest wars in the U.S. The Purtions wanted the children to read the Bible so they had a school in every village.

1620-Mayflower arrives.1636- The found Harvard college1638- The first printing press in the Ameican colonies is set up at Harvard college1690-the first New England primir is printed in Boston. It becomes the most widely used schoolbook in New England.1698-the first publicly supported library in the U.S.

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