New England

by KatieONell
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Social Studies
American History

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New England

Come help us create a city upon a hill in beautiful New England

Are you a proud Puritan who’s tired of corruption, poverty, and overpopulation?Are you willing to work hard for the glory of god? Then you’d be a perfect candidate to colonize New England which consists of: -Plymouth -Massachusetts Bay -Rhode Island -Connecticut -New Hampshire

Own a beautiful farm like this

in one of these five colonies

The land may be stony, barren, steeply-sloped, and cold; but your dedication will be rewarded in heaven--idle hands are the devil’s playthings after all. This beautiful new land is the perfect place for a family too; you can save your children from spiritual subjugation and work together to create a new life. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about immoral or illogical laws again! The government of all of these lovely colonies enforces the will of God and God alone.

“Here every man may be master of his own labor and land...and by industry grow rich” -Captain John Smith



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