New England Lindsay

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Social Studies

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New England Lindsay

Here in the New England region we have plenty of furs, timber, whaleing, and we have tons of ship building. This is also a great place to fish.

New England Colonies

The 5 amazing colonies in the region include: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Conneticute, and Rhode Island. You will love everyone of them.

Lucky for you this region has freedom of religion so you can go to any church you want.

The important leaders here are Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson and Tomas Hooker. (Great Leaders.)

The Native Americans in the region are Micmac, Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Pequot.

The important industry is fishing, whaleing, boat building, and timber. (very usefull)

The weather is hot in the summer but cold in the winter so you kind of get a mix.



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