New Deal

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New Deal

Relief- FDR wanted people who were unemployed & strugglin in environment to be "relieved" of econmical problemsRecovery- FDR wanted to restore the bank sytems and he hoped to have Americans gain trust in the bank systems during the Great Depression. Jobs created and orginzations put people to workReform- FDR wanted to fix the financial/economy of the United States so that a second Great Depression would not occur

Jul 1, 1932 - New Deal Proposed to the people in FDR's Presidentual Election SpeechNov. 8,1932 - FDR elected over HooverMarch 9-June 16, 1933: Congress passed 15 Bills towards constructing the New Deal during "The Hundred Days"

Occured during Great Depression1/4 America UnemployedProvided JobsPublic Advancements Buit: Roads, Hospitals, Schools, etc.Secured Bank and Its trust with the peopleRestored the EconomySaved lives as many people were sturggling to survive without income


ACTSGlass-Stegall Act- federal insuranceFederal Securities Act-all info for stocks neededAgricultural Adjustment Act-raise crop prices which=less productionCivilian Conservation Corps-young men build roadsNational Industrial Recovrey- Act- states create job oppurtunities


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