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New Bridge Design

Beam Bridge: The load goes on top of the bridge. The supports push up which prevent the bridge from falling. The top of the bridge is in compression, and the bottom under tension, so it is a lot like an arch. This bridge uses wood is a good material for this because it is the perfect balance of tension and compression, which is unlike other materials such as stone. A shorter beam will hold more weigh, whereas a longer beam will hold less.

MIT Bridge Video Part 1: Composite Beam Video: Bridge Video Part 2:

Rigidified FRP Arch Bridges:This bridge has the properties of an arch bridge, but is made uo of different materialsThey are made up of polymer composite tubes filled with concrete Benefits: Strengthens the outside of the bridge and makes it lighter Protects from weather damage such as freezing and thawing (because of self-consolidating concrete) Long lasting (100 years)

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Cable Stayed BridgeThis is one of the newer styles of bridges to be invented. This bridge is made up of towers which carry the tension and compression forces. Opposite to the truss bridge, in the cable-stayed bridge, the cables are in tension and the deck is in compression. An archetict may build this bridge instead of a suspension bridge because it is more stable in the wind.

New Bridge DesignBy: Juliette R

Truss Bridge:Instead of the weight of the load being at the bottom of a bridge, on the truss bridge, the weight is distributed through the trusses. These triangle-shaped objects sit on the top of the bridge and undergo tension. The bottom of the bridge undergoes compression from the load. An archetict would want this type of bridge because it can hold a fair amount of weight. The amount of weight it can hold is equal to the suspension bridge.

Hybrid Composite Beam BridgeThis new bridge is a simple beam bridge, but the design components make it different. Inside the beam is steel-tension reinforcement. Inside the beam, there is a foam arch. The space around the arch is then filled with concrete. This creates a bridge where the concrete is the compression and the metal above is the tension. The arch makes the beam more flexable and lightweight since it is not made entirely of metal.

Arch Bridge:One of the most popular types of bridges. It was popularized in Europe in 1300 BCE. The arch, unlike the beam bridge, distributes the weight along the top of the arch but also along the supports which supports the load.It is also comprised of a keystone, which if removed, the whole bridge will collapse.

Self-consolidating concrete prevents segregation of the cement overtime

Suspension Bridge:What makes a suspension bridge special are the wires that run across the bridge and that put it under tension. The supports are large poles that keep the bridge in place and thet are under compression. This is unlike the Cable Stayed bridge because it is not as stable in the wind.

The Basics of Bridge Design:TENSION: The force that pulls an object apart. The length of the object in tension does not matter, it will pull apart whether it is long or short.COMPRESSION: The force that squeezes an object together. The shoter the object, the more compression it can hold before it breaksBridges are under tension and compresssion because to be supported, they need to distribute their forces for their needs. That's why some bridges are long and used for not as much weight, but others can hold lots of weight but are short.

Conclusion:In an MIT study, short beam and arch bridges are able to hold the most weight. While scientists are busy trying to create stronger, sturdier bridges such as the Rigidified FRP Arch Bridge and Hybrid Composite Beam Bridge, these new types are not able to hold more weight, but only weigh less because of new technology such as polymer composite tubes and last longer without repair.

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