New Amsterdam

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New Amsterdam

Peace is made with the local Indina tribes

Dutch Intrest in the New world begins


New York

AKA New Amsterdam






England invades New Netherland, and takes control, renaming it "New York"

In September of 1609, the Dutch sent an exploration ship to the new world, captained by the Englishman Henry Hudson, and discovers the land later to become New Netherland.

Dutch West IndiaCompany claimes land around Manhattan Island, and found the new Colony "New Netherland

EconomyRely on fur trade with natives. After becoming New York, colony becomes major trade hub for all New England colonies.

LifeCold, harsh climate, colonist relying on trade and yearly supply to survive.

ReligonMajority Protestant, due to the majority Dutch population, as was English population. High religous tolorance under the English.

WomenIn New Amsterdam, women could own their own businesses, and had more indpendant lives. English conquest took all that away

GovernmentDutch WIC business sends leaders to New Amsterdam to control absolutley and to lead the colony to expand its land

LawRuled by colony leader appointed by home country. Religous tolorance, restrictive towards blacks.


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