Never Say Die

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Never Say Die

NEVER SAY DIEBy: Will Hobbs 

Nick gets a letter from his half brother Ryan, who he hasn't seen since he was two years old. Ryan is on his way to Aklavik to shoot photos for National Geographic. Ryan invites Nick to come on assignment with him which takes place on the Firth River. In there adventure on the river, they run into Nicks old bear friend, the "grolar bear" that attacked him when he shot his caribou. In the adventure they run into so much bad weather that they almost did not make it out alive. When they got off the river and got back to Nicks house, Ryan got to meet Nicks grandfather, his mother, and all of their other friends. Just two days after the celabration of Nick and Ryan's return, Jonah Nicks grandfather passed away in his sleep. The brothers had bonded and became good friends through the survival of their ordeal.



Aklavik " Never Say Die" A true survival situation on the Frith River of Alaska. A tale of two brothers as they get stranded after hitting a huge ice flat in the river, as they got close to the end of their jouney, they encounter the worst storm they have ever been in.


Nick Thrasher; Nick Thrasher is a 15 year old Inuit, he hunts, fish's, and sometimes traps animals.Jonah; Jonah is about 70 years old he is Nicks grandfather. Jonah is slowly dying from a tumor, Ryan; Ryan is Nick's half brother, Ryan is a National Geogaphic photographer and a Grand Canyon River Guide.Red; Red is a bushplane pilot that travels all over Alaska.

The settings take place in Alaska to the Canadian arctic. 1.Firth River2. Aklavik3. Caribu Calving Grounds

I recomend this book to anyone who likes adventure and survival.I would rate this book in my opinion a 4 out of 4. Read the book to find out more of what happened in the story. A real story of friendship, survival and family.




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