Never have I Ever

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Never have I Ever

Emma Paxton was an ordinary foster girl , that is until she found her long lost twin sister, Sutton Mercer on the internet. Eager to find Sutton, Emma traveled to Sutton's hometown only to find out that Sutton had been murdered. Emma assumed Sutton's identity in an effort to find her killer.

Never Have I Ever

In my opinion, this is an amazing continuation of a thrilling series. It is full of mystery, suspense, and action. The author portrays the characters in a very pesonal manner. The reader feels as though he or she is standing in the book experiencing each and every event.

My Opinion

Hollier High SchoolMercer's HouseTennis CourtsPolice Department


RecommendationI would highly recommend this book. It is a compellling read for anyone that loves a good mystery mixed with a dash of drama.

Emma Paxton

Emma Paxton- protagonistLaurel Mercer- Sutton's adopted sisterCharlotte Chamberlin- Sutton's friendMadeline Vega- Sutton's friendEthan Landry- Emma's boyfriendNisha Banerjee- Sutton's rivalGarett Clayton- Sutton's ex-boyfriend


Ethan Landry

Laurel Mercer

My Book Report

AuthorSara Shepard

Emma is on the search for Sutton's killer; but will the killer find her first?


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