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Nevada State Project



Fast Facts - Climate: Nevada is the country's driest state. In the summer it can get as high as 125℉ and in the winter (in the night) it can go as low as -50℉!-Population: 2.79 million people!-State Capital: Carson City.-State Flower: Sagebrush-State Tree: Bristlecone pine.-State Bird: Mountain Bluebird.-Leading Products and Industries: Agriculture, Tourism, Gambling, Hospitality, Mining, Health Care, and Manufacturing.

First I would like to visit the Grand Canyon - because it is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Nevada. The Canyon is formed by the Colorado River as it winds it’s way down the state. The Canyon is approximately 277 miles long and the scenery changes constantly along its length and breadth. The area has more than 1500 unique plants, fungi, and moss that are found only in the Canyon area. The area is also home to more than 1000 unique insects, animals, birds, and reptiles.

And as my free choice the Hoover Dam because there are many things people don't know about it. Everybody knows about Hoover Dam but no one knows just how impressive this dam actually is! The Dam extends about 726 feet high and 1,244 feet wide at the top. At the base, the dam is about 660 feet thick. More than 22,000 people worked to make the dam and it took approximately five years to complete. The Dam is astounding and visitors tour the surrounding areas for flora and animals, kayak or raft on the Colorado River, enjoy the views from the Observation Deck at the Visitor center, and lunch at the local restaurants.

After that I would visit Las Vegas. It is the biggest city in Nevada. It is pure entertainment and it has something for everyone. More than 37 million people visit the Las Vegas every year and the entire area of 4.2 miles consists of casinos offering gambling, entertainment facilities with rides and shopping, live music, theaters, and restaurants. The city also has several golf courses, major malls, and restaurants. Tourists can see the fountains at the Bellagio, the Mirage’s Volcano, and Caesars Palace with its Fall of Atlantic and Festival Fountains. The population is 603,488 people and the size of the city is135.9 square miles!

Next I would like to see the Carson City Mint for it's history. The Carson City US Mint is one of the lesser known mints because of its short history in the late 1800s. This mint was based in Nevada and was build during the height of the silver boom. Like many of the western mints, Carson City mint was built to convert the mined silver ore into silver coins and bars and they also did this with gold. In fact, there were 57 issues of gold coins and 50 issues of silver coins from the Comstock Lode were minted between the years of 1870 and 1893. All coins minted here bear the "CC" mint mark.

I would like to go to Las Vegas because Steven Jackson ( NFL Atlanta Falcons) is from Las Vegas.


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