Neutron Stars

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Neutron Stars

Neutron stars is when a star 8 times larger than our sun (8 solar masses) collapses into an object 27 km across. All stars start completely made of hydrogen and fuse into helium. When it runs out of hydrogen to fuse it fuses helium into carbon. Then into neon, then oxygen, then silicon, then finally iron. Iron cannot fuse, so then there is not enough energy to resist gravity. The outer layers are blown off in a supernova, and what's left needs to stop gravity or become a black hole. The electrons become so dense that they fly into the core of the atom. Now you have a neutron star. So what is it made of?The outer layer is made of super-dense iron cores. We don't know much about the core, but we suppose it's made of free-floating iron neutrons or some sort of quark soup (formally known as quark-gluon plasma).In conclusion, a neutron star is very dense, very interesting/confusing, and is formed from the remments of a giant star after it dies.

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about neutron stars:


1)A neutron star is as big as 500,000 earths on average while having a diameter the length of Manhattan.2)There are about 100,000,000 estimated neutron stars in the entire galaxy.3)The core is so dense that the protons and neutrons in the atom core disintegrate into quarks and leptons.


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