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Human Anatomy

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There are many different traits about being a neurosurgeon. However there are also some traits that are unique. One of the traits being, having people skills.It is a unique trait because it allows you to communicate with your patient and also helps you understand people better. Another unique trait is being steady because while opperating, you can't havea shaky hands since you are most likely dealing with the brai. Being calm is also a trait since you will most likely be seeing a brain.You cannot be frealing out once you see it.


Colleges/Universities UCLA: 300 Medical Plaza Driveway b200, Los Angeles, CA 900095 (310)825-5111Harvard: Fruit Street-Boston, Massachusetts 02114 617-8581UCSF: 400 Parnassus Avenue, San Fransico, CA 94122 (415)353-7500

There are also a variety of positive aspects that come with being a neurosurgeon. One of those positive aspects being applying to those of you who are interested in the brain. Along with that, you can also be saving lives. It is always a great feeling, knowing you are helping others. You will earn people's respect. People will respect you. It is great to know you are making a difference in people's life.

Along of all the positive aspects comes the negative. One of the negative aspects being, you will spend a lot of years in school after highschool. Also along with saving many lives, many will die in your hands. You can't save every single person but you have to at least try. Another negative aspect is that you might get blamed for that person's death. It might feel horrible but as long as you know you tired your best, it'll be ok. There are both positive and negative aspects of being a neurosurgeon but at the end it's what you really want to accomplish in life that matters.

Annual Salary Range : 539, 371Certified or Licensed: It will primarily take you about ten years or more to get certified or licensed in being a neurosurgeon, the years vary from different people.


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