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Human Anatomy

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-Cells that transfer stimuli to other cells

Resting Potential- the electrical potential of a neuron or other excitable cell relative to its surroundings when not stimulated or involved in passage of an impulse.Action Potential- the change in electrical potential associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve cell.


Becuase the Axon Terminals and the Dendrites cant touch, the impulse releases a chemical molecules called neurotransmitters

Motor Neurons are located in the spinal cord and synapse with muscle fibers facilitate muscle contraction with muscle spindles to modify the proprioceptive sensitivity

Sensory neurons are nerve cells that convert external stimuli from the organisms environment into internal electrical pulses

Interneurons are nerve cells whose axons and dendrites are limited to a single brain area

A synapse is a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit signals form a neuron to a target cell across a synapse

The sodium potassium pump is an active transport that moves sodium and potassium ions across the cell membrane



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