Neurological Disorder

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Human Anatomy

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Neurological Disorder

Epilepsy is an abnormal discharge of electrical energy in the brain. This causes a person to have a loss of consciousness, involuntary movement, or abnormal sensory phenomena. It is a chronic neurological condition that could happen any time.

Brain Wave example during seizure

Cerebral Palsy

Example of Spina Bifida

Human Brain - picture

Seizure (Epilepsy)

Neurological Disorders

Cerebral Palsy- video

Spina Bifida is a spinal chord injury that occurs when the two sections of the embryo fuse together incorrectly. This can occure anywhere on the spinal column. This causes the spinal cord to to exposed resulting in paralysis and nerve damage. Surgery is required to close up the opening

Spina Bifida

Seizure Disorder- video

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that occures as a baby is developing. The brain does not develope correctly. It affects the movement and posture of a person.


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