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Computer Science

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Teach Students to be responsible when using the internet!!

"Using podcasts and videoconferencing to communicate with others on social-networking sites and through other virtual means allows others to see body language or hear the spoken word..." Although there the chances of miscommunication lessen with the use of these tools, the user still need to be careful not to send the wrong message. Becasue the receiver can see the sender, appropriate clothing should be taken into consideration. Also, Teachers who choose to use any of the social-networking sites need to be mindful of the image that they wish to portray.

Netiquette is the use of proper etiquette online or on the Net (as the Internet is sometimes called). e use of profanity, bullying, intimidation of all types, and similar uncivil behaviors shows poor Internet citizenship and poor netiquette and, depending on the behavior, can get people into legal trouble.

What is... Netiquette??

Nettiquettein the classroom and at home

Podcasts & Videos

One of the risks of expressing the written word without the use of verbal or nonverbal cues is that words can be easily misinterpreted. Examples;Caps = YELLINGWhen the receiver of the message doesn't have the benefit of hearing tone of voice or seeing body language, innocent messages can seem aggressive or snappy.


Thanks to our technological advances, communicating and collaborating in the global community is easier than ever before....

Blogs are like journals that people post on the internet for others to read.- Teachers can use blogs to keep students and parents informed about various things happening in the classroom.


Students using skype to connect with students in other parts of the country/world


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