Netiquette Basics

by karisalomon
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Netiquette Basics

1. Be respectful to yourself and others at all times in what and how you communicate online.2. Respect the rules and laws that protect intellectual property, access to resources, and the privacy of individuals.3. Respect the equipment and accessibility that you have to the online community.


RHR Netiquette

1. Be responsible with your private information online- use avatars and nicknames when possible.2. Be responsible for using appropriate security and logging out of your accounts before leaving the workstation.3. Be responsible by reporting instances of cyber-bullying or illegal activity to the proper authority.


1. Honor the right of others to express their opinions and make mistakes. Be honorable in the way that you express your opinions and forgive the mistakes of others.2. Honor others in the way that you share your knowledge or resources.3. Honor those who have shared their knowledge or resources with you by giving credit/attribution.


It's YOUR IMPRESSION...Make it a good one! Be Respectful, Honorable, and Responsible at all times.Because Richard....... Hull............. Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




You are using a school computer. To be respectful to that equipment, you do not eat or drink anything nearby in order to keep the equipment safe from spills that could damage it.

You use a quote that you found in an article online in a paper tht you are writing for school. You reference that quote and the website on which you found it using the proper referencing method. (APA or MLA)

You see that a classmate has posted malicious comments on another classmate's blog. You take a screen shot of the offending words and then report it to the instructor. You do not participate in the comments.


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