[2015] mishka rosa: NETBALL

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[2015] mishka rosa: NETBALL


How many ANZ netball teams are there?There are 10 ANZ netball teamsAdelaide Thunderbirds,Pulse,Tactix,Melbourne Vixens,SNSW Swifts,Northern Mystics,Firebirds Queensland,Southern Steel,Magic,West Coast Fever

who won the ANZ netball champships in 2014?melbourn vixens

what was netball like in the olden days?They use a soccer ball than a netball,laddies used broomsticks for post andwet paper bags for baskets

what did the uniforms look like in the olden days?They had to wear dresses and someteams had to wear white T-shirts underneath but now teams have a 2 pice uniformuniform and older girls have a dress but not like back then!

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