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my first sruggle was being able to complete a whole shool year i never was able to stay in school without getting exspelled for the remaing of the year. my mom went through so much with me for that reason i wasnt alwways well behaved during my younger days. i overcame it as i got older and moved to gonzales to start off fresh and it worked out better for me i've completed almost 3 years so far sinced we'ved moved.

my second struggle is not having my dad part of my life like i want him to. he sends money and maybe call every now and then but i look for way more maybe advice or time spending so we could have a father daughter bond. i moved to california with him part of mt ninth grade year but that didnt work out i wanted to come home he was always busy he gave money and bought me things but what i wanted the most was his love or him just puting his arms around me giving me a hug or something. im still trying to overcome it.

Chinyere for real:)

My other struggle is lil boosie going to jail one of the best rappers alive put away. gon be gone a while ima miss that ral he speaks in his songs and on interviews. boosie is my alter ego i learn alot from him he speoks on how we living and that real he know whats up. i still havent overcame the fact he's in jail because he 's still in there.


iM ON TOP DA WORlD. aha!


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