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Planet ProfilleThe mass of neptune is 102,410,000,000,000,000billion killimeters. That is 17.15 times bigger than earth. The polar diamiter is 48,682 killimeters. The circumfrence of Neptune is 155,600 killimeters. Neptune has fourteen moons and 5 rings. Its orbits distance is 4,498,396,441 killometers. The surface teperature of neptune is -201 degrees. It takes 164.79 earth yaers to orbit. Neptune was discovered by Urbain Le Verrier and Johann Galle on september23rd 1846.

Neptune FactsNeptune is not a solid body. For this reason iits equatorial clouds take eighteen hours for 1 rotation. Neptune is the smallest ice planet. Neptune has a greater mass than the other ice planet uranus dispite being smaller. The atmosphere of neptune is made of hidrogine, helium, and methane. the small amountof methane obsorbs red light which makes the planet blue. Neptune has a very active climate. Lage storms travel atound that planet at speeds of 1one thousand three-hundred and forty killometers per second.. Another fact about neptune is that it has fourteen moons. Its main moon is Triton.


By: Zoe and Rachel

In conclusion Neptune is the most interesting ice planet there is , it has a cool atmosphere and crazy climate . Considering its atmosphere and climate, do you think its possible to visit Neptune?



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