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How did Neptune get its name?

The Romans named the planets closest to the sun. They later were able to see the planets like Neptune and continued to name them after Roman Gods. Becuase of Neptune's Bluish color, it was named after the god of sea.

So Far the only spacecraft that has visited Neptune is the Voyager 2But scientist hope that there will be more in the future.


Order from the Sun: Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and neptuneDistance from the Sun in KM: 4.5 billion km Neptune's average distance from the Sun is 30.1 AU Distance from Earth in KM: 44.4 KM from Earth

Distance's of Neptune

Neptune is a deep blue color from the methane in the atmosphere. Neptune has 5 rings: Galle, Le verrier, Lassell, Arago, and Adams - the rings are named after astronomers who made important discoveries to the planet.

Planet Measurements: Mass: 102.4 E24 (17.15 Earth Mass) Volume: 6.254 * 10(13) km(3)Equatorial Circumfrence: 96,685 Miles Mean Denisty: 1.64 g/cmGravity: 11.15 m/s(2) If I weigh 100 pounds on Earth then on Neptune I would weigh 114 pounds.

Neptune has 13 moons made of rock and ice. The Voyager 2 discovered these moons that could not be seen from Earth.

Weather on Neptune: Neptune has the some of the wildest weather out of the all the planets. Neptune has extreme wind storms. The atmosphere has dark spots that sometimes cause storms.

Neptune's Surface Conditons: Wind Speeds: 1340 mph (miles per hour) Temperature Ranges: 218 Degrees Celcius

Orbit and Rotation of Neptune: It takes Neptune 164.79 Earth years to orbit around the sun. A day on Neptune is 16 Earth hours.

The Composition of Neptune: Core: Iron, nickel, and silicate Surface: Hydrogen and Helium and Methane

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The Atmosphere of Neptune: Major Gases: Mainly hydrogen, and helium Minor Gases: About 2.3% is Methane

Who discovered Neptune? Neptune was the only and first planet to be discoverd by mathamatics. After the discovery of Uranus, The scientist new that there was another planet out here effecting Uranus's orbit. Later they develped the power to find out what planet was out there so, that is how Neptune was discovered


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