[2014] Alaire C (Ms Vashisht): NEPTUNE

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[2014] Alaire C (Ms Vashisht): NEPTUNE


MOONS AND RINGSNeptune has a lot of incomplete rings called arcs. One of them is called the Adams Arc. This planet has 13 moons. The biggest moon is called Triton.

FUN FACTS Neptune is named after the roman god Posidion. Posidion's symbol is an ancient fishing spear.

CLIMATENeptune's winds can reach speeds around 600miles an hour,and could shread a person into pieces in 3 seconds. A lot of Neptune's winds move in the opposite direction of the planet.

LOCATIONNeptune is the eighth and furthest planet from the sun.

By: Alaire & Cassie

RINGS By:CassieNeptune's rings have names too! Here are a few of their names Galle, LeverrierLassell, Arago, Adams, Leberte, Egalite, Fraternite and Courage are the names of the rings.

APPEARANCENeptune looks like a bluish planet with a very large spot called The Great Dark Spot, and other smaller spots that come and go. Neptune has 6 rings that you can't see. Thin white clouds streack across the planet.

OTHERNeptune is 30,758miin diameter-about four times the size earth.the planet weighs 114,840 billion tons. 17 times the weight of earth.A day on Neptune is 16 hrs on earth.. A year lasts for 60,189 earth days.


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