Nephrotic Syndrome

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Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome By Becca O'Neal

Nephrotic Syndrome is when the glomeruli in the kidneys become damaged and 3g/d or more of protein is released into the urine (proteinuria).

Signs and Symptoms:-High blood pressure-decrease of protein in blood -increase of protein in urine-High cholesterol -loss of immunoglobins

Nutritional Guidelines:-Reduce sodium intake to control edema and hypertension.-Reduce fat intake to lower cholesterol levels.-Limit fluid intake to help regulate the body's fluid balanced. -Eat a low-protein diet to prevent more kidney damage and to help decrease the amount of protein in urine.

24-hour menuBreakfast:-1 cup- fat-free skim milk-1 cup- oatmeal-1 orangeLunch:-1 cup- brown rice-1 cup- asparagus -1/2 cup- raw carrots-1/2 cup- fat-free skim milkDinner:-3 oz- Rock Cod fish-1/2 cup- fat-free skim milk-1/2 cup- raw broccoli -1/2 cup- white beansSnacks:- 1 banana-1 cup- fat-free skim milk-1 slice- zucchini bread

Nursing Interventions:-Monitor edema-Check for protein in urine -Encourage exercise-Check blood pressure-Care for skin-Keep head elevated -monitor intake and output



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