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Kathmandu is Nepal's largest city and also it's capital. It is famous for many buddhist temples, mostly from the 17th century. One example is Kathmandu's Durbar Square.

Mystical & Adventurous Experience


The Uniqueness of Nepal, "Buddhism & The Himalayas."

"CHITWAN" National Park

An accommodation with elephant and jeep safaris, rafting tours and guided jungle walks. Chitwan is Nepal's most popular tourist destinations.

In Kathmandu

At Nepal

Bodnath Stupa

The imposing stupa is believed to house some of the remains of previous sages and the bones of Buddha. Believers walk in the clockwise direction around the stupa to pay their respects and have their wishes admitted.

Garden of Dreams

In Kathmandu

The Garden of Dreams is an architectural landscape that encourages the visitor to discover the Garden's treasures from many different vantage points.

At Nepal

"POKHARA" Avia Club Nepal

Avia Club Nepal offers you flights over Pokhara city and flights that will take you directly into the heart of the Himalaya to see the snowy peaks of Annapurna.

8 - 24 'C, On March. In spring from March to May the weather is perfect and great for people to travel to Nepal.

Typical dish

Dal, Bhat and Tarkari


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