[2015] katie rains (5th Earth Science 2015): Nepal Earthquake

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Earth Sciences

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[2015] katie rains (5th Earth Science 2015): Nepal Earthquake

nepal is try to rebuild there homes and get more food and they are asking for money and donations so they can have a happy life again like they did.

thuis what they shoulcd have done if you were in a house. you duck cover and hold on and you keep doing that untill the earthuake is done.

Fun Facts Did you know the earthquake was 7.8 and alotof Buildings fell down usally earthquake are 4.0 not 7.8.Did you know that there were cracks in he streets and buldings falling down and peope walking in the streetswhen it happen.

Nepal Earthquake

whe the nepal earthquake was happening there were cracks oin the streets and peole were waking on them and they were big cracks.

what are the needs in Nepal?they need water pots amd pans and some new t shirts and pants.

BEFORE AND AFTER.There was a big change

where is Nepal?it is in india ,chaina(tibet),and bangladesh.



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