Neonatal Nursing (AVID)

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Neonatal Nursing (AVID)

What do Neonatal Nurses Do?-they take care of the new born babies-feed them-change them-give them shots-track their first 28 days after they are born-in the NICU they have a special job using high technology to save babies who need special care

1.) The first type of neonatal nursing is just taking care of the newborn babies, just giving them their basic care for the 1st 48 hours of their lives.2.) The second type of neonatal nursing is provideing intermediate or special care for premature (babies born before their due date) or ill babies.3.) The NICU (Neonatal-Intensive Care Unit) takes care of these babies, who need high technology to survive. For example they may need a breathing tube.





There are 3 types of Neonatals:

Neonatal Nursing

"Career Research Paper"

-Need to become a R.N. or N.P.-Most need a 4 year degree, but also can just have a 2 year degree

-Minnesota average pay is $74,250 ($37.50 per hour)-United States average is $81,750

-The medical field is a very good workforce to go into, because people will always need medical assistance

-4 year degree normally-Can be taught in a 2 year degree in some colleges

-I think this job fits me, only because i absolutely love babies, and also I enjoy helping people and making them feel better


Colleges:-Century College-Lake Superior College-St. Kate's



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