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Chemical Elements

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- Neon is also used to make high-voltage indicators and switching gear, lightning arresters, diving equipment and lasers. - they make neon signs and they are commonly found in Las Vegas.- Cryogenic Refrigerant.

FACTS- Neon is a noble gas and a nonmetal.- it is colorless.- atomic weight = 20.18- 10 electrons and protons.- 10 is the atomic number- dicovered by Morris Travers and William Ramsay - Discovered in 1898- discovered at University College London


In 1898, William Ramsay and Morris Travers at University College London isolated krypton gas by evaporating liquid argon. They had been expecting to find a lighter gas which would fit a niche above argon in the periodic table of the elements. They then repeated their experiment, this time allowing solid argon to evaporate slowly under reduced pressure and collected the gas which came off first. This time they were successful, and when they put a sample of the new gas into their atomic spectrometer it startled them by the brilliant red glow that we now associate with neon signs. Ramsay named the new gas neon, basing it on neos, the Greek word for new.

Neon has no true chemical compounds, meaning it forms no compounds to fix it to solids or join with other elements.

Unique Facts




-Hydrogen--Oxygen--Beryllium- -Flourine--Chlorine-


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