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Chemical Elements

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Neon is used in lasers, cryogenics, wave meter tubes, vaccuum tubes, neon signs, and in TV tubes! Don't you want to own the very element that's used in all these items? We sure would! Don't worry if you can't remember all these facts! Call now to have an informational packet included with your neo-can shipment! You'll be able to wow your guests with your knowledge of neon! For example the fact that it has ten protons, ten neutrons, and ten electrons! Put your neo-can under a blacklight to watch it glow!

This product is avaliable to you today because Sir William Ramsey and Morris W. Travers discovered it in 1898 in London, England. ~~~Don't panic if you have trouble seeing the neon in your neo-can! Neon is colorless and is a gas at room temperature and in it's standard state of matter. Neon shouldn't have color unless it's under low pressure while charged with electricity. Then it should be a bright reddish-orange color!

Fun Facts:1) Neon is soluble in water!2) Neon's atomic size is 38 pico-meters.3) A balloon filled with neon would rise at a much slower rate than one filled with helium.4) 0.0018% of the world's atmosphere is neon!5) The origin of neon's name is from the Greek word "neos" which meant new.6) Neon is made by the fractionation of air. (Air breaking or dividing up)

If you're looking for an element that's reactive than this may not be the element for you. Neon is part of the Noble Gas family and is non-reactive.~~~If you're looking for an element that doesn't stink up the house then neon is the way to go!It's odorless!

Are you wondering where to find this special element on the periodic table? Look in the nonmetals section in group eighteen!

Have you ever dreamed of having something amazing? Well we can make that a reality with neo-cans! This our latest and greatest product! Get your own can of neon now to learn all about this fascinating element!~~~Before you buy this product you should know some basic facts about neon. It's element symbol is Ne, it has an atomic mass of 20.1797, it's atomic number is ten, it's density is 0.0008999 grams per cubic centimeter, and it has eight valance electrons.

Warning: Neon's melting point is 24.56k (-248.59c or -410.94f) and it's boiling point is 27.07k (-246.08C or -410.94F)

Neo-cansJust $33 for 100 Grams!

Dial 1-800-neo-cansto get your neo-can today!Call now to recieve your own free neon sign and visit our website at to hear about our special offers on tin-cans!



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