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Chemical Elements

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The burning point is-415.56degrees Fahrenhiet.

The boiling point is -410.883degrees Fahrenheit.


Neon was found in 1898 by Sir William Ramsey and Morris Travers in a college in London. The name is from "neos" which is greek for new. It is also used to make high voltage,indicators,lasers,lightning arresters, and diving equiptment.

It has a density of 0.000825g.

It's in group 18,period 2 on the periodic table.

Neon is a noble gas, because it doesn't react to other substances

Neon is non-toxic.

Neon's Atomic number is 10.

Neon is the 4th most abundant element in the universe.Though it is present in Earth's atmosphere at 18 parts per million (0.0018%).

The biggest use of Neon is in making "neon signs" for advertising. Only the red signs contain pure neon.

It appears as an colorless,odorless gas and it won't react with any other substance.


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