Neolithic Revolution

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Neolithic Revolution

Neolithic Revolution


The Neolithic Revolution began introducing farming to everyone and ended the appearance of cooper tools. The farming revolutions was spread westward across Europe. After the Stone Age, it was divided up into three periods. The periods was Palaeolithic, Mesolithic,and Neolithic. The group that could perform hunter-gatherere activities for part of the year and some farming during the rest.

How Neolithic Revolution Started

Human beings living in manner from earliest times until about 10,000 BCE, when they started to cultivate crops and domestic animals. Shifts from hunting and gathering to agriculture led to permanet settelment. A fundamental change in the way in the way people lived. A person's social class was usally determined by the work they did such as, farmers, craftsman, priest, and warrior.

Facts About Neolithic

Neolithic farmers create a simple calendar to keep track of planting and harvesting. They also developed simple metal tools such as, plows, to help with their work. Some of the early groups setteled in the fertile valley of the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Yellow, and Indus River. Which resulted in the Rise of the great civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and India.

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