Neolithic Revolution

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Neolithic Revolution

It is related by nobody planting fresh food. people know a days have fast food,can food , frozen food , food on wheels . thay dont have to grow plants or food because they can just order it. the fast food\un fresh food are all gressed up . people are basically sedentary because the fastfood\un fresh food faten them up and there not moving fast.

food able to survive

Current issue from agriculture introduction stemmed are farming. United States are collecting small-scale familt farm's. Farming is a special part of natural life. There use to be 6.3 million family farmimg in (1910) way before machine's and fast food , now only 2 million people farm today. Some farms today are small , mid-sized to make room for building's, fast food .

Our plants survived our environment by haveing them in green houses that helps the plants not get blown away by weathers and aten by animals.the green house have sprenculers were it goes of every 4 hours , it also gives the nice amount of water

related to sedentary

current issue



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Neolithic Revolution


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