Neolithic age

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Neolithic age

Cultivating cereal crops and fruit trees and raising domesticated animals gave people a more abundant food supply and allowed them to settle in one place year-round, establishing permanent dwellings. The population increased dramatically. A Neolithic house was rectangular and made from wattle (woven sticks) and daub (dried mud). The roof itself was made from timber beams with reed thatch covering it. A small hole in the roof allowed smoke to escape because, unlike the Mesolithic Irish, the Neolithic farmers lit their fires and cooked indoors.

The Neolithic Age

The stone age people wrapped themselves in animal fur to keep warm. They made axes, digging tools, hunting tools from a stone called splint.

Neolithic Ireland

Neolithic settlers brought Pottery to Ireland. They were usually made by coiling clay round and round to build up a simple pot shape. These were then smoothed down. Some pots have been decorated by pressing stones, sticks or even fingers into the wet clay. The pot is then hardened by placing it in a hot fire. The pots were used for many things; as well as for storing food, and for lamps.



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