Neodymium Lanthanide

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Chemical Elements

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Neodymium Lanthanide

ABOUT-shiny skin but rashes from outside air-attracted to metals-irritating to eyes-magnetive personality; people are attracted to me-might seem solid, but really quite mellow-don't put me with Hydrogen, I'll get gassy

STATUS: reactive-144.24 pounds-silvery-white hair-raised by Von Lanthanide and Mossany Element-1885 Discovery Hospital-1868 Melting Temp Road

Favorite Places-Russia -Canada-United States; such cool technology! -Bastanite Palace-China

Neodymium Lanthanide

My friends Iron Gray and Boron Smith

Friends/Family-Iron Gray; we're attracted to each other-Boron Smith; we can be together at times-Rare Earth Metal band-Lanthanide Dynasty -born two months later than my twin Praseodymium

Watch me crush!

Talents/Faves-magnets; just about anything about them!-laser tag champion-blowing glass for the Rare Earth Metal Art Fair-welding circuits-gaming and taking computers apart