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Neo- Babylonians

Gained ascendancy by 7th century. Formed chief resistance to Assyrians control of Mesopatamia. The king, Nabopalassar, joined forces with Medes to captrue Assyrians capital and made it a new Babylonian monarchy. Later on, the final defeat against the Assyrian Empire happened with King Nebuchadn.Reowned for prosprity on lush agriculture, trade routes, and indutries. Had a reputation as some of the greatest cities of the ancient world. It was surrounded by an 8 miles long wall and a moat. The cities were adorned with temples, including the Hanging Gardens.

The religion practiced in Babylonia was Babylonia, which was very influenced by the Sumerian religion. They had many myths and stories with activites of Babylonian deities, heroes, and mythological creatures. These myths were written mainly in cunieform. The government was center on their temples. The cities had local autonomy and special privledges from the kings. The cities decided their own laws and cases were usually decided in assmeblies.

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