Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela

Most of you must have heard of Nelson Mandela, for he passed away recently. With that being said, many people won’t know the history and the life of the “Freedom Fighter.” He was born on July 18, 1918, and died on December 5, 2013. He was born and raised in South Africa, the country facing apartheid. Blacks did not have the same rights as whites, and the government had the control. They had almost no rights, and lived poorly. Nelson Mandela tried using words and peace to fight this problem, as well as civil disobedience. Nelson Mandela started to think the peaceful approach wouldn't work. He made a march with the members of the ANC to a police station, past the area they were allowed to go. The policemen started to shoot the ANC, and Nelson Mandela had a turning point after that. He started the ANC Youth League, to fight back. He started to plan bombings, but he tried to not hurt people, just to get the attention of the government. He was arrested for sabotage, and was sent to jail for life, but he was released after 27 years. He was a part of the ANC (African National Congress,) the group’s purpose was to end the apartheid system.He was later released from prison because of an international rebellion to free him, that was started by the ANC, and later other countries took notice. Once he was released, there was a vote for presidency where anybody could be a candidate, and it was an open voting. He was elected president of South Africa, and after the voting, most of the apartheid went away. He devoted his life to stopping apartheid, and used peace as well as violence to achieve his life’s goal.


1918 - Birth1944 - Joins ANC1962 - Arrested 1994 - Presidency1999 - Retires2013 - Death

During an election where everybody could vote, Nelson Mandela won, and became President of South Africa Nelson Mandela Started the ANC youth leage. He acheived his life goal, of ending apartheid, and made rights in South Africa equal.

Lasting Impact

Even though Nelson Mandela is gone, his legacy will live on forever. He has taught us to stand up for what you belive in, and never lose hope, even if you don't know the way out.



We are all equal

"I am Prepared to Die"(Speech)

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