Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela

Nelson MandelaNelson Ralihlanla Mandela was born on July the 18 Th, 1918 in the southAfrican. The family was poor.In 1942, he won a place at witwatersrand, university, 1945 Mandela a young woman, her name was Evelin Married, and they had their first son thembi.In 1952, Mandela was a lawter at last.1956 Around the same time Mandela met another woman , Nonzamo, thay had their first daughter zenani, and their secund dougther, zindzi.1962 The police arrested Mandela for crimes against the goverment, he and other people could lose their lives.

* 1990 Mandela finally left prision* 1994 Mandela than 100,000south Africans and 140 leaders around the word Mandela became the president of south Africa. * 1999 Mandela had athird wife now, her name was Graca Nelson, the father of the new south Africa.

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