Nelson Mandela: Determined to bring freedom to all

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Nelson Mandela: Determined to bring freedom to all

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Nelson Mandela:Determined to bring freedom to all

During Nelson Mandela's terrible life, Nelson Mandela believed everyone should be free and that the blacks and whites were equal. Mandela thinks people are truer and purer than the finest diamonds. Nelson Mandela have seen men and women risk their lives for an idea. Mandela has a lot of obligations like supporting his family, and supporting the communtity and the country. Mandela was not born with a hunger to be free, but he's desired to free his people.

President Obama spoke about the challenges that Mandela had. He also spoke about what he tries to do to make people free and equal. He says that Nelson Mandela taught us the power of action, but also the power of ideas. Mandela believed that men and women could stand up for their dignity. He cherished the ideal of a democratic and a free society in which all people live together happily and equal. He understood the ties that blind the human spirit. As a final point, Nelson Mandela changed laws, but also hearts.

President Obama's Eulogy

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Nelson Mandela was born during World War I. He was raised herding cattle and he was tutored by elders of his Thembu tribe. He was a man of flesh and blood. He was also a son, husband, a father, and a friend. Nelson Mandela earneed his place in history through struggles and strewdness; persistence and faith. Nelson Mandela was desired to fight the system that imprisioned his people. Mandela disciplined his anger and channeled his desire to fight into the organization. He was in prision for about 27 years and he still never gave up.

About Nelson Mandela

To Free His People

Nelson Mandela was not free at first. He first thought he was the only one not free, but then he realized that he was wrong. His sisters and brothers were not free either. He was desired to free his people then. In this book "Long Walk to Freedom", he writes, "Freedom is indivisible the chains on anyone of my people were the chain on all of them, the chains on all of my people were chains on me."

"Long Walk to Freedom"


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