Nelson Mandela by Kyla Hallman

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African-American History

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Nelson Mandela by Kyla Hallman

NELSON MANDELA by Kyla Hallman

Early Life -Born July18,1918-In Mvezo,South Africa-9 years old when his father died of lung disease-Real Name:Rolihlahla-12 siblings-Nickname:Madiba -After his father's death,he was sent miles away to a powerful chief named Jongitaba-Parents:Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Mandela and Nosekeni Mandela-Born in a Transkei region

Early Adult Life-Married Evelyn Mase(1944-1958)-went to Clackebury Boarding Institute-went to College of Fort Hare-went to University of Witwatersrand, and got law degree there to meet with other activist about ending apartheidSecond Wife:Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (1958-1996)Third Wife:Graca Machel-Mandela (1998-2013)

Important AccomplishmentsNobel Peace Prize(1993)Keys to CitiesPresident of South Africa at age 75Leader of African National Congress(ANC)Got over 250 honorable awardsPresident in 1994-1999

FUN FACTS!!!!!was nicknamed Nelson by a school teacherserved 27 years in prison protesting against apartheid(where non-white citizens were segregated from whites and did not have equal rights)planned to bomb ONLY buildings to end apartheid,but was classified as a terrorist by the South African govermentand was sent to prisonreleased from prison in February 11,1990on Mandela Day people are devoted 67 minutes of helping othersMandela Day is July 18 (Nelson Mandela's birthday)Buried December 15,2013the state of Africa vowed to put him in jail,so he disguised himself and no one recognized himthe police put out a warrant for his arrestthe 67 minutes of helping others on Mandela Day,represents the 67 years he spent serving our countryonly three of his children are alive todayJune 12,1964:sent to prisonmore than 43 universities and other educational institutes were named after Melson Mandela

Late Life-Died December 5,2013-Place of Death:Houghton Estate,South Africa-@ age 95-In 2009,voted for the fourth timeOctober 12,2010-2nd book Conversations With Myself is publishedJune 21,2011-gets a suprise visit from Michelle,Barack,Malia,and Sasha Obama

"It always seems impossible until it's done!"-Nelson Mandela



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