nelson mandela by barbara and cristina

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Social Studies

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nelson mandela by barbara and cristina

Madiba´s life

Nelson Mandela18/07/1918 - 05/12/2013

All a fighter

He was born in Mvezo

On August 5, 1962, Nelson Mandela was arrested for conspiracy against the government (among other crimes)

After 10 years of incessant war, the  leaders wanted to end the resistance of CNA root and the party, leading to Mandela and other activists to organize an armed struggle from underground.

Mandela, far of acepting the absolute racist government, organized a rebellion of nonviolent civil disobedience .

At the age of  23 (1941) he moved to Johannesburg and joined the African National Congress.

When he got out he invited the police guard of the jail to eat in his house with his whole family.

After being in prison for over 27 years he received the Nobel Peace Prize

He was expelled with a classmate from the University College of Fort Hare for participating in a student strike.

5 Things he taught us :

What hehad done ,how and when :

He was who faught for the end of racisim and he make it true whith all his consecuences .He was te first black president and a wonderful person.

Madiba means grandfather in his language

Who was him

Why he have done this The reason is quite simple he just wanted equality, freedom and respectfor every one, of color or not .


His wife

His family



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