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Nelly Furtado

Nelly was born in Victoria,B.C on December 2 1978 to Portugese imigrants.Her mother, Maria Manuela,was a church choir singer, and her father, António José, was a big fan of Fado. (Portugese Music) Nelly played many instruments;the ukelele, trombone, guitar, and keyboard.She also participated in many plays,and musicals.At 8 years old, she recieved her own tape recoreder and microphone, which led to experimenting with different techiniques, and by the age of 12, she started writing her own songs. As a teenager,she performed in marching bands.In 1996, Nelly graduated and moved to Toronto. In 1999, Nelly landed a record deal with DreamWork Records,and released her first single, Party's Just Begun.In 2000,Nelly came to fame with her album release of Whoa,Nelly!,featuring her hit single I'm like a bird.In 2003,she released her less commercially succesful album Folklore, but returned to stardom in 2006 with the release of Loose. In 2009 she released Mi Plan, which reached number one on Billboard magazine's Top Latin Albums chart in the US and won the artist five Junos including Album of the Year. Mi Plan was followed by The Spirit Indestructible.

Dec 2,1978 - Born1996 - Graduation2000-Whoa,Nelly! 2003 - Folklore2003-Birth of Nevis2006- Loose2007- Mi Plan2010-Canada's Walk of Fame

Nelly is very talented, so obviously she has acomplished many things.Her first album selling 400000 copies just in Canada! That's a lot! She also won a Grammy in 2002 for best female pop vocal performance for I'm Like a Bird.She was featured on the 2010 Canada's Walk of Fame and has won MANY Juno's - I keep losing track, but its more than ten! She also hosted the 2007 Juno Awards show in Saskatoon and won all 5 awards for which she was nominated for.

I think that Nelly is so important to Canada's culture because she is so talented and represents herself and Canada so well, giving Canada a better image. Most people think that all actors,singers, and celebrites come from America. This is not true for there are a whole bunch that come from Canada. This is why people like Nelly show that Canadians are as special,talented, and amazing as everyone else - sometimes even better!

Nelly Furtado!



Lasting Impact!


In 2003, Nelly gave birth to Nevis with her boyfriend DJ Jasper Gahunia. After being toghether for many years, they broke up in 2005.

Personal Life!

Nelly's level of success was and still is international.I think this because her album Mi Plan was in Spanish and her album Folklore was in Portugese giving her the title of being a singer of diffferent languages.


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