Nelliey Bly´s Story

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Nelliey Bly´s Story


Nellie Bly's Story

She took up the pseudonym, Nellie Bly from a song titled, "Nelly Bly", by Stephen Foster.

History Video

"Nelly Bly"- Song

Elizabeth Jane CochranBorn: May 5, 1864 in Cochran's Mill, PennsylvaniaDeath: January 27, 1922 in NYC due to puemonia at the age of 56

Birth and Death

The town she grew up in was named after her family's bussiness.Her father was a mill worker, who eventually became a very weathly and powerful mill owner.

Family History

Her father passed away when Elizabeth was only 12, leaving her mother to watch 13 childeren.Unfortunately, her mother remarried an abusive man who treater her with disrespect and beat her.

Attended Indiana State Normal School for 1 semester- dropped out due to financial reasons.

An Unfortunate Childhood

Because Bly grew up with such violence and hatered, she desired to give back to those who aren't able to stand up for themselves if they are being harmed in any way, shape, or form.After ahe bacame a reporter, she mainly wrote about women's rights and political corruption.

Bly's Passion

Board games, trading cards, and stamps were made in honor of her efforts. She also has her own amuesment park.

A Household Name

Isabel Chistoni


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