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Nellie Bly

She risked her own time and health for this experience.

In The AsylumNellie Bly had a reputation of wanting to be exposed to things. She was sent into an insane asylum undercover on September, 26 1887.She pretended to be a mentally ill immigrant, Nellie Brown. In the asylum she observed many things. Nurses beat their patients, and gave them freezing, ice water baths. "I think I experienced some of the sensations of a drowning person as they dragged me, gasping, shivering and quaking, from the tub..." ~ Nellie Bly. They also did not feed the patients very much food, and the little food they did receive contained bugs and other unwanted substances. Nellie Bly realized that not all paintents in the asylums were actually mentally ill. Some women were sent there because their husbands wanted to get rid of them. Others were sent there because of physical illnesses, or they were foreigners who could not make themselves understood. Nellie Bly knew people had to know the truth about these asylums, so she wrote a story about it.

ImpactHer story shocked many many people. It convinced the government to donate $3 million devoted to the improvement of $3 million dollar donation impacted treatment centers all around the country. A new approach was taken upon the treatment of the mentally ill, known as 'Moral Managment'. This new addition changes the way the asylums looked on the insides. Beds, pictures and decorations replaced shackles, chains and cement cells, making the patients feel much more comfortable and happy. Also, the doctors had started studying more about the brian to find out how these mental issues started occuring or how they could tell patients actually had them. Work programs and recrational activities were also added in the asylums to keep the patients entertained and to close the bridge between society and the hospitals. As well as there being changes made to the centers, psychiatry was also recognized as a medical specialty and was a new requirement in medical schools.

BackgroundElizabeth Cochran was born on May 5, 1864 in Penncilvania. She was only 6 years old when her father passed away, leaving her mother alone with 15 children to take care of. Nellie Bly didn't go through much schooling due to lack of money. However, she was still very successful. Sadly, she passed away in the year of 1922.

JobEven though she didn't go through much schooling, Nellie Bly still wanted to be a writer. She read an article about what women are good for, and disagreed. That led her to sending a letter to the editor. Her boss was interested in her writing, so she was hired as a reporter for New York World. She then changed her name to Nellie Bly which came from a character of a Steven Foster song.

Nellie Bly

Her story pushed the gov. into donating $3 million to imporve the asylums.

She gave mental patients a more pleasurable time in the asylums.

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