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Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly admitted herself into an insane asylum to live the life an insane patient would. She published her observations to 10 Days in a Mad House which got very popular, so it led people to investigate farther into the topic. Also she had to interview her patients for the article she wrote to get real life storys.

Elizabeth Cochran Seaman took the name of Nellie Bly when she accepted her first formal job. She was born May 5, 1863 in Cochran Mills, Pennsylvania. Nellie lived in Pittsburg and began her carreer in 1885 for the Pittsburg disspatch.



Effort to Effect Change


Nellie Bly let people know the abuse of mental asylums by making her experiences there into an article for people all around the world to know how the mentally ill are treated. She also got state officials to come and investigate, then they put laws regarding the abuse and torture in mental hospitals.

Nellie felt passionatly about the topic due to the fact that she admitted herself into an insane asylum to encounter all of the pain a mental patient encounters. Blys 'push and get there' style helped to change the reporters at there jobs. Bly also was an astonishing example of why women deserve the same oppertunities as men.

In the Progressive Era during 1890's to 1920's the metnally ill were treated poorly with little food that had were infested with bugs. People would descirbe the asylums like a prison becuase nurses abused the ill patients. The asylums were supposed to help mentally ill, but it did the oppisite.

Historical Context

Personal Motivation


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