Nellie Bly: Undercover Spy

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Nellie Bly: Undercover Spy

Nellie Bly: Undercover Spy

Brief Background

Nellie Bly, orignially named Elizabeth Jane Cochran, was born May 15th, 1864. She was born into a wealthy family located in Cochran, Pennsylvania; a town named after her father. He died when Nellie was only 6 years old. Her mother remarried into an abusive relationship, desperate for money. Nellie left, searching for a job to support her family and herself.

Her Journey

Nellie Bly's career in writing, once off of a rearing start, began to anger politicians. They were irritated with her writing revealing major problems and demanded she be removed. She was then sent to Mexico, where she wrote about life in poverty. After writing about Mexican poverty she was kicked out and returned to New York, looking for a job. Eventually she landed the role as a journalist in "New York World."

Her Findings

Glog by:

Amelia Grasso and Bella Dragone

"It is only after one is in trouble the one realizes how little sympathy and kindness is left in the world."

While Nellie wrote about many things, her memoir about going undercover as a mentally ill person at Blackwell Asylum in New York, named "Ten Days In a Madhouse", was her most remarkable. She wrote about her frightening experiences, such as abusive nurses, inedible food, and ice cold baths. The area was generally filthy, and rats crawled around the asylum, including eating areas.


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